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Please take some time to read the rules!

Brief Rules

* Don't flood the forum with hundreds of "thanks" posts. Please use the button
* No porn
* No advertising
* No spam
* Treat everybody with respect
* Only post direct links (no adf.ly or linkbucks, etc)
* Code all external links
* Do not post twice in a row unless separated by another users post or 24 hours, use the edit button
* Post in correct forums
* Do not type in CAPS LOCK
* Keep free space in inbox for important messages
* No inappropriate language in posts, images or usernames
Here's the rest

A. General Rules

01. The language on Download-Crazy is English. Posting in a non-English language is not permitted.
02. Search before posting. Do not start new threads for topics already started.
03. Flaming / Spamming will not be tolerated.
04. Do not post or incite racism, sexism or homophobia. Members involved may receive a ban with warning.
05. Discussion of illegal drug use is not allowed.
06. Topics with religious or political content are not allowed, minor references are allowed.
07. Always stay on topic.
08. No posting of adverts or scams.
09. Begging, for content, reputation points and anything else is not allowed.
10. Posting private messages in public forums is not allowed.
11. Do not spam the forum with hundreds of thank you posts. Use the tanks button instead.
13. All links posted must go directly to the target site. Re-directs or masking of url's are NOT allowed.
14. Disrespect towards anyone isn't allowed. Personal issues must be discussed in private messages, not in the public posts.
15. Do not type in caps lock, anything typed in caps lock will be removed.

B. Links

01. Links must go directly to the file host site and not be re-directed to through other sites.
02. Post in the appropriate forum. Read the forum descriptions before posting.
03. Wait at least 24 hours before bumping your own post.
08. Links Must Be [CODE] coded.
05. Any files which are password protected must have the password clearly shown in the post.
06. Self-extracting archives or files containing link lists are not allowed.
07. Members are responsible for maintaining their links. Dead links may be deleted without notice.

C. Request Rules

01. All requests must be made in the proper request area.
02. Search before requesting. Don't request something that's already posted.
03. Give as much info as you can.
04. Request fillers need to post the links in the appropriate forums and link to them in a reply to the request.
05. The requester should thank a filled post.

D. Image Rules

01. All Images must be posted using [IMG] tags.
02. Nudity is not allowed. All images inappropriate will be removed.

The rules were last updated 3/5/2013.